Video Surveillance

The idea of video surveillance systems may seem a bit excessive if your business is located in a safe area. But in today’s world, that just isn’t the case. A robust system will allow you to have constant eyes and ears on all aspects of your business.

Your company serves as your most important investment as well as being the livelihood of your employees. As a business owner, you have many responsibilities. Some keep you within the walls of your business while others have you out in the community meeting new clients and pursuing sales. How can you be sure that everything is running smoothly? How do you know that your employees, profits, customers, and inventory are fully protected?

The Alscan, Inc. Difference

Custom video surveillance systems are most operative when they are planned out with forethought. In fact, the design aspect of the system is paramount to the effectiveness. If you have an intricate system of cameras, but each one is pointed away from the items you most hold dear, how helpful are they?

Alscan, Inc. employees are highly trained and required to participate in continuing education for each product we install. Additionally, we train each team member in the art of listening. When we understand the intricacies of your company, we can best serve your needs.

We are in the security business, and we understand the hurdles of trust that face your company. Each of our employees undergoes a background check and are subject to both routine and surprise drug testing. We also examine their driving records. We want you to know you are in good hands, and we are committed to doing everything it takes to keep your company safe.

High Tech and Convenient

Alscan, Inc. is available every day of the year, no matter the time. We offer fast response and secure backup. With automated options and remote, real-time viewing, it is possible for you to perform all of your duties as owner, but still keep a pulse on the work environment within your company.

Though our offices are located in Southeast Region, we serve the entire Southeast. Call for a free estimate. We will get started on a plan that will keep you confident and secure. Minding your business is the backbone of our business. Let us help today.